Formed by vocalist-guitarist Dave Collis and drummer Josh Sparks, the two roommates took to working on a batch of songs by themselves and for themselves. Soon, guitarist Josh Parks would join, along with bassist-vocalist Mercedes Webb, and Slow Mass quickly came into its own. Entering the studio a mere two months after it played its first show, the result is the six-song Treasure Pains EP, to be released by Landland in September 2016.

Treasure Pains takes the best of ‘90s weirdo rockers such a Drive Like Jehu, Unwound, and Polvo and links it to America’s boisterous DIY community. Songs are equal parts aggressive, bile-spitting rage and subtle, affecting nuance. There are no two songs on Treasure Pains that sound alike, but they all feel united thanks to Slow Mass’ overarching vision.

Having already received favorable write-ups in The A.V. Club, the Chicago Reader, and RedEye, Slow Mass built a foothold in the city it calls home without even a release to its name. With Treasure Pains, Slow Mass has put together six songs that will stop people in their tracks and make them take notice.” - David Anthony, August 2016